Graffiti removal, our newest challenge, has quickly become what this company stands for, “being good under pressure.” We take pride in not only keeping Calgary graffiti free but also the surrounding areas of this great city.
Graffiti sends the signal that nobody cares, attracting other forms of crime and street delinquency in a neighbourhood.
Graffiti drains tax dollars. Funds that could be used for schools, roads, parks, and other community improvements, are used for graffiti clean up.
Graffiti decreases a feeling of safety. Neighbourhoods with graffiti see a decrease in property values, loss of business growth and tourism, and reduced ridership on transit systems.


“Good Under Pressure, a company with the capability to remove graffiti from upper stories, is a boon to Calgary. Good Under Pressure did a great job removing second and third story graffiti from Kensington buildings. Now I know who to call when I have graffiti problems!” – Annie