sidewalkgumlitterNext to cigarette butts chewing gum is the second largest littering item in the world!

Did you Know?

The average person chews over 300 pieces of chewing gum a year.

Gum pollution can be very hard and time consuming to get rid of. According to one statistic as an example, Americans chew between 4 and 5 billion pieces of gum per year and up to 50% of these are not disposed in the trash bin. Ugly gum spots, often mistaken for tar or paint, have become the curse of building and shop owners.
Good Under Pressure provides mobile equipment with hot and cold water capabilities in Calgary Alberta and surrounding areas.

We offer an cost effective and efficient solution for gum removal from sidewalks and concrete flooring etc.

We are a company that shows motivation and determination in providing the best job that we can do and prides itself in customer satisfaction.