Graffiti Removal

City of Calgary

Graffiti removal in Calgary

Good Under Pressure is Calgary’s go-to graffiti removal company. We are proud to serve the City of Calgary and the surrounding communities. We have been doing graffiti removal in our local community since 2005. While graffiti can seem like a permanent problem- do not worry-your walls or other property will be clean and presentable in no time!


Dealing with vandalism issues in your community is important to service that community. If left, graffiti can make locations look less desirable and unsafe. The exterior of your business can make all the difference when someone decides to become a customer. Customers want to feel safe, and they want to invest in the best businesses or services.

Graffiti removal

We are specialists in removing graffiti

Vandalism of any kind can be frustrating. Especially if it is on your property. Luckily, many different products that are used to put up graffiti vandalism can be removed. Our process and products help ensure that whatever mess was created will vanish.


The cost of removing graffiti is far less expensive than paying for new structures.


Graffiti removal products

We are proud to offer graffiti removal services and environmentally friendly products. Having manufactured graffiti removal products for over a decade, GUP Solutions Canada knows how to remove graffiti and how to make effective products to protect property against vandalism.


Good for the health of the planet

Good Under Pressure has purchased Graffiti Solutions Canada, and we are so excited to be able to protect buildings worldwide with our products.


Quality products to protect your property

Graffiti removal is important to maintain your property to give clients and potential clients a good first impression. Our environmentally friendly products can be used anywhere on any surface. They are safe to use in parks, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and made in Canada.


Good Under Pressure is your go-to graffiti remover

Our professional products and service mean that any and all surfaces defaced with graffiti can be cleaned. From concrete walls, stucco, fences and buildings, our methods will ensure that your building and business will remain pristine.


You will be happy with your results

We are located in the City of Calgary; however, our cleaning services are available throughout the City of Calgary and surrounding communities. 

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