Citrus Blast

Good Under Pressure Graffit removal Citrus Blast product

For smooth surfaces (gentle)

We listened to our customers when they asked for a faster and more efficient smooth surface product and created this product which can remove paint in 30 seconds in many cases. Citrus Blast is very effective but gentle on most hard smooth surfaces such as signs and factory painted surfaces. An effective but gentle product for smooth surfaces. Specially formulated biodegradable product that works great on most metals, glass, fibreglass, polished stone, porcelain and clear coat surfaces such as found on automobiles. Also works well on sprayed-on undercoating. Always test on a hidden area before using.


How to use:

1. Test in an inconspicuous area so as not to damage paints with poor integrity. The idea is to remove the graffiti without damaging the original paint. This step should be done on any painted surface no matter whose product you’re using.
2. Spray or brush on Citrus Blast.

3. Let Citrus Blast soak from between 30 sec. to 5 min. on average.

4. Pressure wash off or wipe off with a rag to protect the environment by not letting graffiti paint run off onto the ground.

As simple as that!


View the Safety Data Sheet Here –

Citrus Blast

Product Specification

Product Features/Benefits:

  • Water Soluble
  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Effective at temperatures as low as -10 Degrees Celsius



4L $90.00
4x4L $340.00
20L $400.00



Appearance Semi Clear Liquid
pH 12
Flash Point <23 Degrees Celsius
Specific Gravity .927-.947


Recommended for Removal On

Metals Steel, stainless, aluminium, galvanized, brass, copper, anodized aluminium.
Glass All types of glass, glazed tiles, ceramic, porcelain, polished stone, such as marble or granite.
Durable Painted Factory applied baked on paint such as auto, truck, bus, equipment enamels, utility boxes, boxcars or similar.
Durable Plastics Fibreglass, polyethylene or polypropylene portable toilets or bathroom partitions, laminated wood.
Unfinished Wood Fences, park benches, plywood, trees, telephone poles, any other uncoated wood.

Specifications/General Properties

Consistency Thin liquid
Coverage Porous surfaces 200-600 sq.ft./gal. Non-porous surfaces 400 to 1000 sq. ft./gal. Bare wood surfaces 150-250 sq. ft./gal.
Use Temperatures Not limited; will work slower at cold temperature.
Storage Store in a cool dry place.
Flammability Container may explode if heated. Keep away from open flame.
Volatility Rapid rate of evaporation. Ventilation required in confined areas.
Biodegradable Yes
Shipping Ship as a Hazardous Material
Effective on the Following Spray on undercoating & metallic paint, spray paint graffities, marker, pen, ink, crayon, shoe polish, lipstick, pencil, decals, and stickers, and most other graffiti marks or stains. Other Uses: Undercoat & Metallic Paint Blaster Graffiti Remover removes road tar, asphalt, oils, greases, gum, wax, tree sap and many other difficult to remove graffiti from durable smooth or porous surfaces or wood. Equipment/tool cleanups: Dried paints, adhesives, caulking materials on equipment, floors, tools, brushes, rollers, paint spills or over sprays can be effectively removed with Undercoat & Metallic Paint Blaster